Based on your requirements, we will find the most suitable locality for the storage and handling of your goods. We offer various types of warehousing, depending on the market segment in which you operate, and on the type of your products. To make use of railway transport in the logistics chain, we also offer warehouses with a connection to the railway infrastructure.

In the area of storage , we can offer the following:

  • complex warehouse logistics
  • a network of warehousing capacities with a connection to the railway infrastructure
  • storage in a tax warehouse
  • storage  in the ADR mode (for all classifications except for classes 1 and 7)
  • storage and handling of containers
  • loading and unloading of containers

We also offer the modern logistics centre of ČD Cargo in Lovosice:
Warehouse parameters:

  • 42 000 m2
  • 10 m clearance
  • 5t/m2
  • works railway leading to the warehouse 350 m


  • Complex logistic services
  • Trans-shipment road-warehouse-railway
  • Cross docking


  • D3 motorway – 2 km
  • Railway – the 1st and the 4th transit railway corridor 
  • Railway station in Lovosice – 4 km
  • ČD – DUSS Container terminal 0.5 km