Selected references of transports

1. Transport of paper chips for the company Wood&Paper a.s. 

The company Wood&Paper a.s. is one of our largest customers using the Innofreight system in transport. The transport is carried out in compact trains set in domestic transport and in export to Austria. The yearly volume of paper chips transported in this system amounts to approximately 440 000 tons.

2. Transport of biomass and sediments for the company Plzeňská teplárenská a.s.

In 2011, following several months of negotiations, railway transport of biomass to Plzeňská teplárenská was initiated. In cooperation with the biomass suppliers, several localities were selected from which it is possible to supply biomass via railway. Currently, there are 26 stations in the project. The loading must be very carefully planned in time, with regard to an absence of permanent staff in some stations, and mainly upon the requests (possibilities) of the dispatchers. Within the actual premises of the heating plant, the containers are dumped via a V-shaped cart with a hinged device directly to the assigned place. The whole process is therefore very effective, also in the internal company logistics. So far, over 60 thousand tons of biomass have been transported. That represents approximately 2 500 trucks, which did not have to pass through the centre of the city of Plzeň. This points out the ecological principle of the actual incineration of the biomass. This transport was awarded a special prize in 2012 by the Ministry of the Environment in the competition Volná cesta (Free route) declared by the Ministry of Transport, for supporting the use of renewable energy and for protection against combustion gases from freight trucking.

3. Transport of the special Geobal fuel for the company PURUM s.r.o.

To transport the special Geobal fuel for the company PURUM s.r.o., 132 containers of the Hardtop type were used, these being the containers with a solid cover. Within 3 months in 2011, two compact trains of 20 wagons transported 110 000 tons of this material from the Moravian-Silesian Region into the Region of Ústí nad Labem.

4. Vysočany

In 2012, a project was realized for the disposal of debris and earth mined within the framework of the sanitation of the former premises of ČKD Elektrotechnika in the Prague district of Vysočany. The earth, together with the remaining ferroconcrete debris, was crushed via a special machine, and subsequently loaded via an excavator directly onto the furnished railway wagons with containers. Despite the space limitations of the works railway within the premises, we managed to load one compact train with a thousand tons per day. A total of 23 000 tons of material was carried away within one month, which replaced the journey of at least a 1000 trucks (in a loaded state), which would otherwise have driven in the densely populated part of the Prague district of Vysočany.

5. Contaminated earth

In the beginning of 2012, a project was realized regarding the cleaning of the contaminated material dumping ground in Staré Město near Uherské Hradiště. Two compact trains of 16 wagons with XXL containers were used for the transport. Every day, one compact train was loaded. Altogether, 63 000 tons of contaminated earth were carried away within 3 months.