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Railway transport



Transporting cargo in single wagons is a suitable solution for customers who need to transport smaller volumes of goods. This transport uses one wagon or a group of several railway wagons (up to five). These wagons are transported from the sender to the recipient via the regular train formation route.

This means they are sequentially arranged in several trains along the way. Typically, they are first taken by a shunting train to the nearest marshaling yard. From there, they are sent by a long-distance train (also known as freight express) to the sorting station closest to the recipient, and then distributed again by a shunting train.

We offer this service in cooperation with ČD Cargo as the only carrier in the Czech Republic.


Unit trains represent the most advantageous way of transporting bulkier shipments. They are made up of wagons carrying only one shipment and travel directly from the sender to the recipient without any sorting work. The travel time of the shipment is significantly reduced, and thanks to simplified handling, transport by unit trains is considerably more cost-effective.

The only requirement for using this form of transport is that the shipment is large enough to fill a unit train. Additionally, a unit train can be arranged from groups of wagons from multiple senders to one recipient or vice versa from one sender to multiple recipients. In cooperation with foreign state and private partners, we ensure the transport of unit trains throughout Europe, including transshipment to broad-gauge tracks.

Product trains

Product trains are a specialized service for the transportation of conventional wagon shipments. They offer fast and high-quality connections with the option to supplement shipments at selected hub stations.


With the specialists at ČD Cargo, we ensure the transportation of everything that can be carried by rail. We carry out transports in ČD Cargo wagons or others, always ensuring the most advantageous options on the market.