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Ukraine – seminar on current challenges and trends in the field of logistics


On 10 June 2024, a seminar entitled LOGISTICS – CURRENT CHALLENGES AND TRENDS: UKRAINE, CZECH REPUBLIC, EUROPE took place in the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.

The event was organized by the Ukrainian-Czech Chamber of Commerce under the auspices of Ondřej Lochman, chairman of the transport subcommittee of the PSP CR. Vít Mikolášik, member of the board of directors, and Róbert Libák, sales manager, spoke on behalf of ČD Cargo Logistics on the topic of rail connections between Ukraine and Central Europe. Other presenters included the companies NOVA GLOBAL CZ, Interport Košice and JUSDA Europe.

The seminar provided the audience with a lot of interesting and up-to-date information. The subsequent discussion concerned, for example, the capacity and stability of the transport time as well as the price. Last but not least, the event enabled the exchange of contacts that will serve the further development of transport and business opportunities of the ČD Cargo Group.

The main idea on which all the speakers agreed was that, despite the war, it is already necessary to ensure a stable connection with Ukraine.

Bližší detaily jsou na webu Ukrajinsko-české obchodní komory: