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We transported the gift of the Central Bohemian Region to the Kyiv region – buses to Ukraine by rail


We ensured the transportation of twelve older buses that the Central Bohemian region donated to the partner Kyiv region. We arranged the transport together with ČD Cargo and in cooperation with Ukrainian partners.

Since these were buses 10.5 – 15 m long, we used both Res and Kns wagons types, depending on the individual bus types. Transport along the entire route was ensured by our Department of Extraordinary Shipments, which has long-term experience with the transport of buses, trolleybuses and other special vehicles. According to railway regulations, it was necessary to ensure the safe securing of buses on railway wagons and a suitable place with a ramp where loading and unloading took place.

Buses had to back up from the cars when unloading, because taking into account the long wheelbase of three-axle buses, it was safer to get off the ramp to avoid damaging the chassis. The Ukrainian drivers proved to be true professionals and mastered this discipline brilliantly.

The buses were taken over by the representatives and drivers of the Kyiv region, and now the buses are already being prepared for their new use in the vicinity of Kyiv. We wish them many happy and safe kilometers in their new place of work.