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The capital city, in coordination with Ukraine’s Public Health Center under the Ministry of Health, will provide the war-affected country with medical materials and other protective equipment, which will be used by hospitals and other healthcare facilities in Ukraine. The items include masks, syringes, needles, and disposable gloves for medical personnel. The transportation of the materials will be arranged by ČD Cargo Logistics in cooperation with Czech Post.

The transportation of medical materials is secured by ČD Cargo Logistics, a.s., which, in collaboration with Czech Post s.p., also manages other related logistical services. “We can efficiently coordinate humanitarian aid transports for public institutions and non-profits with commercial transports of agricultural products from Ukraine, thanks also to good cooperation with Ukrainian partners and railway carriers not only from the ČD Cargo group. We are pleased that we can help Ukraine with our expertise and long-standing experience with transports to Ukraine,” concludes Jana Mlkvá, CEO of ČD Cargo Logistics, a.s.

After discussions with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, specifically the Public Health Center, the Prague City Council decided to send a train to Ukraine with medical supplies needed for hospital staff.

“The Czech Republic is one of the European leaders in assisting Ukraine in a situation that none of us would want to experience. Prague has been helping long-term, and I am glad that we are sending further medical supplies to those in need. Every bit of help counts, and we will always be ready to lend a helping hand to those who need it, whether they are Praguers in distress or people fighting every day for their lives, freedom, and the future of their country,” states Alexandra Udženija, Deputy Mayor of Prague for Health.

“I thank ČD Cargo Logistics and Czech Post for ensuring this important transport of medical supplies. Prague has been actively helping from the very beginning of the violent invasion of Ukraine, not only in the city but also directly at the site of the conflict. This helps to create better conditions for the residents of Ukraine so that they do not have to leave their country,” adds Zdeněk Hřib, First Deputy Mayor of Prague for Transportation.