System trains

System trains are a special product for transport of conventional cargo. They provide fast and reliable connections with a possibility of replenishment shipments in selected junction stations.

These trains usually transport goods from one dispatcher or for one recipient, with a possibility of scattering the consignments from the end station of the system train. Upon previous negotiation, the trains can also be used by other customers, apart from the dispatcher and the recipients. This is an advantage for customers who don’t have enough goods to set up their own integrated train.

The company ČD Logistics, a.s., makes use of the following system train networks: Adria, Carpathia, Balkan Expres and Germania.

Currently, we offer the following integrated trains:

  • ADRIA system train goes from the Czech Republic to Croatia (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina). The train’s route is Ostrava – Břeclav – Rajka – Gyékényes – Koprivnica – Rijeka Luka.
  • CARPÁTHIA EXPRESS system train from the Czech Republic to Romania. The train’s route is Brno – Břeclav – Rajka – Lőkösháza – Curtici, with an option Bihárkeresztes – Episcopia Bihor.
  • BALKAN EXPRES system train goes from Štúrovo and Sopron, where the consignments shipped from the Czech Republic stations are included to go to Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia.
  • GERMANIA system train with its destination in Lombardy.