Railway freight forwarding services

In addition to a tariff service and optimal transport prices, the company also provides many complementary forwarding services, according to the needs and requirements of our customers. These services include:

  • Consultancy in the area of railway transport
  • Ordering of vehicles - loading applications
  • Filling in the transport documents, filing the consignments
  • Tracking of wagons from the shipping station to the destination station
  • Providing transport on the broad-gauge railways in Eastern Europe
  • Insurance of goods
  • Claiming the transport fees, damage to or loss of goods
  • Providing for the customs procedure
  • Selecting optimal routes with the requirement of the lowest transport costs
  • Recommending the most suitable type of railway wagon for loading
  • Arranging for extra wagons from abroad in case of a shortage of the needed vehicle in the Czech
  • Republic
  • Consultancy in loading the goods and securing the loads on the railway wagons
  • Providing of loading equipment