Special transport

The same team of workers also deals with special transport. This includes consignments, which do not require a transport permit, yet in the regular traffic, they do require special care. The forwarding agent issues a statement regarding the transport of these consignments, ensuring a smooth and safe journey.

This concerns the following consignments:

  • Waste transport
  • Transport of regular consignments with a shifted centre of gravity
  • Consignments which due to their character have greater demands regarding fixation (wheeled and belt technique)
  • Transport of rail vehicles of an approved type
  • Transport of long consignments

Our services in extraordinary and special transport include:

  • Professional consultancy in the area of extraordinary and special transports
  • Selection of the most suitable means of transport and also their possible combination using different types of transport
  • Development of project management packages for the loading of consignments and the securing thereof on the vehicles
  • Acquiring the necessary permits
  • Acquiring vehicles - special trucks and railway cars from the wagon fleets of the railway forwarders in Europe and from the railway truck lessors
  • Providing of handling equipment for loading and unloading, acquiring loading and unloading utilities or producing tarpaulins to cover the consignment
  • Filing the consignment for transport, including the elaboration of the transport documents and checking the loading of the consignment by the forwarder’s professional worker - the trainman
  • Insurance of the consignment
  • In the transport of investment units, the creation of complete logistic chains with combinations of different transport fields and warehousing (roads x railways x river transport x sea transport)