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Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies. These are small text files that are stored on your browser or device by the websites you visit. We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to collect information about how you use our site (e.g. the number of visitors, the amount of time you spent here or what content you were interested in).

This information is anonymous (e.g. what browser you use and the domain name of your internet service provider) and is used to improve our services and ensure that our website functions properly. We do not attempt to identify individual visitors unless they provide their contact information through one of the forms on the site.

We use the following types of cookies:

First party cookies

First party cookies are cookies hosted by

Third party cookies

PartnerPurposePersonal data protection
FacebookFacebook is a social network for communication between users, maintaining relationships and having fun. It allows you to share products and other pages. Logging in through this network allows you to log in to your account.
Facebook AdsPlatform for Facebook advertising, retargeting, conversion tracking.
Facebook LoginLogin platform via the Facebook platform.
Facebook Social SharingA platform for the ability to share product and other content on the Facebook platform.
Google AdsPlatform for search advertising, banner advertising, YouTube advertising, retargeting, conversion tracking.
Google AnalyticsAn analytical and marketing tool for detecting user behaviour on the site in order to design better layouts, functionalities and further improve the site, profiling the user and targeting personalised advertising. SklikPlatform for search advertising, banner advertising, retargeting, conversion tracking

Any information collected through cookies is only stored until the cookies expire and is only used for the purposes listed for each cookie in the table above.

For more information about cookies, including how to set, manage and delete cookies, please visit If you do not wish to participate in Google Analytics tracking on any websites, please visit

Own and downloaded cookies

Whether a cookie is “owned” or “downloaded” depends on the domain that places it on your device or search engine. Custom cookies are stored by the web server the user is currently visiting. Acquired cookies are those that are placed by a different domain than the website the user is visiting.

Persistent cookies

These cookies will remain on your device for the period of time specified in them. They are activated each time you visit the website that created the cookie.

Temporary cookies

These cookies allow website operators to link the user’s actions when using the browser. Cookies are created when the browser window is opened and deleted when the browser window is closed.

Third Party Sites

Our website may contain links to other websites that are operated by third parties.

Visitors should read the privacy policy of this website and understand that we do not accept responsibility for the way in which personal data is processed by third parties.

Managing cookie settings

You can change your cookie settings in your web browser. For example, you can block cookies by checking an option in your browser settings that prohibits the placement of all or some cookies. You can usually find these settings in the “Options” or “Preferences” menu of your web browser. The following links may help you with the settings:



Internet Explorer: visit and type “cookies” in the search bar

Safari: visit and type “cookies” in the search bar

Blocking cookies

When you access our website, cookies are sent to your browser and stored on your device.

You can enable or disable their storage in your browser settings. However, if you refuse the storage of cookies, you may not be able to take full advantage of the features offered by our website.