Prices for transport of LCL Shipments from China to Europe

Prices for consolidation from places of dispatch in China to the warehouse in Zhengzhou are offered case by case as per actual inquiry from a customer.Prices for transport from the warehouse in Zhengzhou to warehouse in Prague

Price 195 USD/CBM for standard shipment
Weight (KG) / Volume (CBM) > 450, the equivalent Volume (CBM) = Weight (KG) / 450

Flat fee:

50 USD/Shpfor shipment of volume up to 0,5 CBM
100 USD/Shpfor shipment of volume 0,5 CBM - 3 CBM
150 USD/Shpfor shipment of volume over 3 CBM

Price of transport includes:
Customs clearance in warehouse/terminal in Zhengzhou
Transhipment in warehouse in Zhengzhou
Railway transport from Zhengzhou to warehouse in Prague
Transhipment in warehouse in Prague

Departures of trains: every day
Time of transport: 16 days
Closing time: 3 days before train departure

Prices for distribution from warehouse in Prague to places of destination in the Czech Republic are in folder Prices of consolidation and distribution in the Czech Republic.