Scrapping of discarded freight wagons

ČD Cargo, Inc. intends in 2013 to carry out the sale of a significant number of discarded freight cars for physical destruction (scrapping) with the exception of listed parts that are retained longer in the property.Cars will be offered in various tranches of about 600 cars divided by regional position during the year. Opportunity to provide a quote for the purpose of concluding the contract will be given to all potential buyers who meet the qualifying criteria for the evidence to be invited on the basis of a written request.
The deadline for submitting applications for the first tranche of vehicles was 21 First 2013 to 14.00. Applications submitted after this date will be included in the next installment. Applications must be submitted by mail or in person to ČD Cargo as central purchasing department, Mgr. Martin Špinka, Jankovcova 1569/2c, 170 00 Praha 7 Holešovice, intact in a sealed envelope bearing the address of the candidate.
Qualification criteria shall include evidence of the authorization to do business in the field of waste management, certifications, references and insurance. Potential buyers who meet eligibility criteria will be invited to submit bids. The only evaluation criterion is the highest bid price per tonne of scrap metal.
ČD Cargo, Inc. reserves the right buyer selection process at any time.
In case of doubt or, queries or information, contact the staff of ČD Cargo as Mgr. Martin Spink (tel. 728 937 169, e-mail: martin.spinka @